The Need to Excel

The need to excel, to be the best, to strive to reach higher, has always been an intrinsic part of my character. It is my nature, what has defined me my entire life and the basic force that pushes me to ever achieve more.

Even as far back as primary school, when I attended Houghton Primary School, I was the ‘Top Student in Standard 5’.

And, of course, when I went to Northview High School, I was once again reaching to be top of the class, achieving the coveted ‘Top Matric Student’ at our Matric Valediction. I also won a host of other Academic Awards.

It was there that I also began to realise my love of ‘the legal argument’ taking on the position as being the Head of both Debating and Public Speaking Teams.

College Years

This need, this drive to push and never give in, continued throughout my college years.

In 1992, I started studying my B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) at UNISA (University of South Africa).

The Need For More

I wasn’t content with merely studying my majors during the degree and in addition, I studied several Accounting subjects.

This strong foundation of business subjects has always been an asset to me in my legal career.

It has enabled me to understand financial statements and books of account to such a degree that I am more able to assist with forensic investigations than many forensic auditors.

There is nothing that can get by me in a financial statement and this has greatly strengthened my ability to run trials and litigations involving complicated financial transactions, and to prepare cross-examination for trials and liquidation enquiries.

My majors were Industrial Psychology and Business Management and throughout all 3 years of my degree, I consistently achieved a First in every subject in the degree.

In my final year, I achieved my B Com cum laude (with distinction).


The Love of the Law

It was during my final year of B Com that my love for the law began.
As part of my B Com I took Labour Law as a subject. I was exposed to case law and legal argument in the course and I instantly fell in love with it.

Why I Love The Law

Specifically, I loved the manner in which a lawyer used the law to reason out a problem and formulate a legal argument distinguishing one case from another.

It drew me in and I relished my legal studies. And, of course, my personality was attracted to a profession where there is a definitive winner.

My Greatest Legal Passions

One of my great passions in the law is the fact that if you keep digging you always find a solution. This intense research appeals to me. I know that buried under many cases, opinions and thousands of pages of documents, is an answer I can find that many would not see.

Even to this day, after many years of legal study, research and practise, I still love assembling the research in an ordered fashion, delving deep into it, and emerging with a concrete legal argument that will guarantee a win.

I have found that law is never dull. Something new always crops up and you have to be prepared to deal with it immediately.

My Legal Degree

I began my LLB (Bachelor of Laws) in 1995. I once again attained my LLB cum laude (with distinction).

But more than that. As a result of my intense need to be the best, when I qualified and attended my graduation ceremony, I was awarded the coveted UNISA medal for the ‘Top LLB Graduate – 1998’.

Another Cum Laude Degree

The law is such an inspiration to me, that while completing my articles I started my LLM (Masters in Law).

Specialising is Company law, Insolvency and Liquidation Law and Insurance Law, I also achieved my LLM Cum Laude (with distinction).

I also took various non-degree courses on Competition law (incorporating Unlawful Competition) and the Law Pertaining to Electronic Commerce.

Currently, I am working on my LLD in Legal Professional Privilege.



After finishing my LLB, I articled at ‘Brink Cohen Le Roux and Roodt Inc.’ and worked in both the commercial and litigation departments.

In the commercial department I was involved in the preparation of complicated commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and section 311 schemes of arrangement.

It was here that, I developed an excitement for litigation, and court work, after having been intimately exposed to several massive high profile court cases pertaining to liquidations, corporate fraud and the misappropriation of formulae in the paint industry. The Yabeng Cases (as they were known) established important precedents in Liquidation Law affecting all cases since then.

My Client’s Needs

Unfortunately, I felt that I wanted to give my clients more personal attention, instead of the corporate way they were dealt with at Brink Cohen. Preferring this a more personal approach to clients, I moved to ‘Alan Levin and Associates’ after completing my articles.

Still, I felt I wanted to give my client’s an even more one-on-one approach, because I realised that clients needed continuity of attorneys, an attorney who can make quick definitive decisions without resource to others.

Becoming Partner – ‘The Mother of All Fraud Cases’

To help me achieve this one-on-one approach, I moved to Salomon-Lipschitz Attorneys.

Soon, I became a partner at the firm. It was here, that I was responsible for the civil litigation surrounding the liquidation of Macmed Healthcare Limited, which the Star newspaper described as “the mother of all fraud cases”.

Running this matter gave me the drive to create my own firm where I could bring my own novel and extremely successful philosophies to my clients.

I founded June Marks Attorneys in 2005 and since then the firm has grown from strength to strength.

From our very beginnings we were managing a number of high profile cases, including:

  • Operation Holbein

    A case which the Guardian newspaper referred to as “The biggest case brought by the Serious Fraud Office”,


where five international drug companies were accused of colluding to fix the prices of medication and defrauding the UK National Health Service of £150 million. Our client was exonerated when the case was thrown out, and this was seen as a “major blow” to the Serious Fraud Office’s credibility (Norris v United States [2007] EWHC 71 (Admin); R v GG plc and [2007] EWCA Crim 2659; [2008] UKHL 17).

  • The Ghavalas Option Pension Fund Fraud

    A case with several billion rand in alleged damages, implicating Alexander Forbes, Sanlam, Nedcor, Life Healthcare, among others

Writing for National Publications

My love of the law is so strong that I feel a need to share it with others. To this end, I have written for various National Publications, including the Business Day, Executive Business Brief and Without Prejudice Magazine.

Cutting Edge Technology

I insist on providing my clients with the very latest technology. In both the Macmed and Ghavalas matters, I was able to manage over 150 000 pages of documents using the latest computer software and hardware.

Insistence on Personal Attention

Furthermore, I also insist that I personally attend to the following on every single case:

  • Personally draft all affidavits
  • Personally draft all pleadings and argument
  • Keep a tight rein on Advocates.
  • Highly Favourable Client Outcomes

Also, I am never afraid to take unpopular routes or do what needs to be done to win. I am fearless in all I do. . And above all, I fight tooth and nail for my client – they always comes first.

The Future

I intend continuing to provide my clients with this this technology, with my personal attention and this ultimate legal service.

What I Will Always Give My Clients

Even more that that, I intend to provide them with better and better service as our relationship grows, as well as giving them my sheer determination, my hard work ethos, my personal attention and, above all, my never-stopping personality.