Unyielding Tenacity

What drives me and my firm is my unyielding tenacity, my quest to get the best solutions.
For me, success is a primal need, a natural instinct.

Your case is of the utmost importance to me and I won’t stop until I have found a solution, no matter what it takes.

My Passion

I feel privileged to be able to say that I truly love my job and am truly passionate about the law. I live breathe and sleep law. I keep abreast of all developments in the law and revel in the new facets of the law I discover.

Personal One-On-One Attention

Nothing daunts me, and I ensure that I myself will personally supervise every matter, and personally scrutinise every detail of a case, looking far beyond the normal details.


Network of Contacts

I insist on the best of the best experts that are involved in a case, from expert actuaries, forensic auditors to construction experts and medico-legal experts.

Over the course of many years I have built up a network of experts, both nationally and internationally, as well as a network of contacts to help us find the perfect expert witness no matter how unusual the field.

Latest Cutting Edge Technology

In addition, I also insist on providing my clients with the very latest cutting edge technologies to give our team the winning advantage.

Always a Solution For You

It is my firm belief that there is always a solution, you just have to find it. And I am determined and persistent and will not rest until I have found that solution, until the problem is solved.

I believe in solutions and I am dedicated to finding those solutions for my clients and to finding them quickly.


No Such Word as ‘Lose’

There is no such word as ‘losing’ in my vocabulary. Yes, it is an often-used cliché, but one that I believe in. And I pride myself on being resourceful in my ability to find just the right witness or fact.

Unique Solutions For You

In addition, to me, creativity truly is the mother of invention. My years of experience have taught us not to follow the crowd but to find our own way.

Known For Unexpected Strategies

In the legal community, I am known for my unexpected actions and strategies. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Nothing Stops Me

What this all comes down to, is the simple fact: Once I get going there is no stopping me. This is the reason I will always solve your case.

In reality, all that I have said can be summed up in three simple words that I use as my motto: “Never say die.”